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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy serves to explain to you what information we collect about you and how we use that information, as well as to provide you with any other relevant information regarding your data, and regarding searching and leaving comments on the youth media platform Leaderonline.net.

Leaderonline.net allows users to leave comments on the website news with content that they define, as well as under a name-pseudonym that they themselves determine. In connection with leaving comments, and in accordance with your right to freedom of research, you choose which and whether you will make your personal data available to the public and whether we will have your personal data at all. In addition to the information regarding comments that you make public on our portal, we collect the time and date of the comment, as well as the IP address from which the comment was posted. We collect all the above information about you solely for the purpose of enabling you to search our site and leave comments.

Leaderonline.net reserves the right to change or modify this Policy.


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