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The platform, with the support of the Domovik organization, is edited by a group of young people – participants in the media literacy program (Ponder program) and members of the informal youth network “United Youth – UY for Children”.

It was created as a need and initiative of young people within the Ponder program and aims to keep young people informed through various educational content, to empower them and motivate them to act as leaders.

It conveys successful leadership stories in a creative, accessible way, offers content that informs and educates, covers various areas, follows current topics, encourages leadership and is a meeting place for leaders.

The platform is monitored and promoted by the campaign “You are a leader” with a clear message to young people: “Be a leader in science, be a leader in culture, be a leader in sports, be a leader of youth.” The platform is supported by UNICEF and the UN Peacebuilding Fund.

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